If you are just getting into illustration or digital painting here are some resources for a jumping point. This could keep you busy for years. Thank you internet, for making all of this more accessible and condensed. And thanks to the digital art community for sharing so much.


-Tools for Anatomy, Gesture, and Figures-

Proko- Anatomy Videos

Quickposes- Gesture and Figure Study

Bodies in Motion

Character Design

-Color & Light Reference-

Color Scheme Tool

Movie Screencaps

-Costume Design-

The History of Costume

Osprey Armor Collection

Fashion from History


-General Resources-

Ctrl Paint- Digital Painting A to Z

Extensive Reference Library

More Miscellaneous References

Muddy Colors- Articles on Painting


-Inspirational Art Gods-

Chris Rhan

Dan dos Santos

Kekai Kotaki

Jason Chan

Massive Black Studio